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Mastodon 'Deathbound' Music Video

Ha!  Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U97s7OPnS8A .  This video was concepted and executed by Authority Films; an extraordinary production company, in tandem with a group of very talented ATL artists.  The Puppet museum in Atlanta was a catalyst for me moving to GA. There's a large community of fellow puppet builders here.  Although we constructed our puppets individually, I was thrilled to meet and work as part of this creative collective...like a fury Borg.



Peep Show Boxes

Client: Adult Swim

This project was created for the Adult Swim Carnival; a traveling show making it's way across the country. I constructed 3 large scenes over 4 days using taxidermied animals and concepts provided by the Williams Street creative team. When they return to Atlanta I'll freshen them up and they'll head to Comic-Con. Don't Judge me for the lousy iphone photos, after 4 days I was not in photo-mode!