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MTV Catfish 


Credit Karma


The ATL Files


TNT International Promos


Mastodon 'Deathbound' Music Video

Ha!  Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U97s7OPnS8A .  This video was concepted and executed by Authority Films; an extraordinary production company, in tandem with a group of very talented ATL artists.  The Puppet museum in Atlanta was a catalyst for me moving to GA. There's a large community of fellow puppet builders here.  Although we constructed our puppets individually, I was thrilled to meet and work as part of this creative collective...like a fury Borg.



Owl Heads

Client: Adult Swim

Project: Owl Head Masks

Dream project! Adult Swim wanted 5 oversized realistic and creepy owl mascot heads for marketing and promotion use. This was a rush job spanning three weeks, but the cleanup at my house is an ongoing project. I will add a link to the video bumps made with them once I have a link and the credit information. In the mean time: watch Adult Swim and keep your eyes peeled.




March to the Sea

Client: Sebastian Stark

Project: Album Cover

A rush album cover for Sebastian


Fish Baby

Client: Adult Swim

Project: Mural

This mural is based on a vintage propaganda image. The orginal artwork did not work for the space. Prior to painting, I composited additional imagery in Photoshop,  to better compliment the room.



Comic-Con Peep Boxes

Client: Adult Swim

Project: Peep Boxes

This little glutton is Bernard Monsenouir. When the original peep boxes returned to Atlanta I reconstructed them to fit in smaller spaces for the Adult Swim booth at Comic-Con. However the booth was constructed to display 4 boxes and we only had 3 made. Being very short on time it would have been difficult to find an animal on-line, wait for delivery, and complete construction on time....so I built Bernard! 

Top photo by Eddie Ray

A Flower 


Client: Jan Jennings Crofford

Project: Fine art

I meet Jan Jennings Crofford at  a wedding while awkwardly shirking my bridesmaid responsibilities.  I don't remember much from that evening except for Jan. She is now a close friend and an infinite source of inspiration and encouragement. Jan commissioned me to create this piece as an above-mantel living-room focal piece.

BELOW Something I painted next to a real Emmy! So close to success ;) i [personally]  could care less about celebrity: but my paintings are all about "the looks". 



American River

Project: CD Packaging 

This is album art for an artist called Tommy & The High Pilots. http://www.myspace.com/thehighpilots. The clients wanted cover artwork which combined the Santa Barbara Pier and the Brooklyn Bridge, at night, with fireworks SO it's a fairly complex composite. We decided to go a very surreal and paint-like with this because the perspective/light of the source files were completely incompatible on a realistic level.  Checkout their music video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9CplYkz7QY  


Adult Swim On-Air Bumps

These bumps were made from pictures taken of my peep boxes by photo-poet: Michael Cahill. They aired on Adult Swim and during Bonaroo. The Boxes just made their way home and now I'm resizing/re-building them for Comic Con. If you've read this far into a boring post, here's some good news: There will be a new addition to the family...

Ashzelly.com Built These Peep Show Boxes For Adult Swim. from Ashley Zeltzer on Vimeo.


Elvis Royale

Client: Kingsized

Project: Poster

Words pending... I'm too slammed to write.


Keep it Classic 


Format: Print


I'll be there, hopefully Platypus will come with. "I Keep It Classic" deserves a plethora of hip praises... which I sound stupid saying.


And the back:




Kid Green

Client: Discovery Channel

Format: On-Air

If you are not familiar with Raygun Productions you should be. Seriously. Check em out at http://raygun.com/ Do it...but on a separate tab, and then come back to my site...otherwise it's kinda like I'm just typing to myself. This is one of numerous illustrations I created for a [Raygun produced] Discovery Channel commercial. The purpose of the children-aimed project was to illuminate eco-friendly lifestyle choices. Hooray! 



P.S. You can watch it here: http://raygun.com/aoc/


Handsome Clothing 

Client:  Dick Handsome
Photo by: Matt Odom

Dick Handsome is a new clothing line which will be available for purchase within the month. The original logo was developed before I began, but I've been the graphic designer from that point on. Dick Handsome has provided numerous key elements essential to defining quality apparel. I'm thrilled! There's nothing more disappointing than having a great design on printed on a Hane's-Beefy-Tee.





Vitesse Exchange

Client: Vitesse Exchange

I wandered into Vitesse Exchange during the Castle Berry Art Stroll. It's lovely boutique which showcases every item with consideration. Several days later I was contacted by one of the co-owners who needed a rush event postcard. 





My Daily Thread Website

Client: My Daily Thread

For several months I've been working with VisionKwest Media on a re-design of the My Daily Thread website. The superb quality of work and creative vision of VKM has left me thoroughly impressed. Check em out here: http://www.visionkwestmedia.com/.  The My Daily Thread site has recently launched, and I think it looks fantastic! http://www.mydailythread.com/


Peep Show Boxes

Client: Adult Swim

This project was created for the Adult Swim Carnival; a traveling show making it's way across the country. I constructed 3 large scenes over 4 days using taxidermied animals and concepts provided by the Williams Street creative team. When they return to Atlanta I'll freshen them up and they'll head to Comic-Con. Don't Judge me for the lousy iphone photos, after 4 days I was not in photo-mode!